Ger-Jan and Ger-Jan II

Ship information

Length: 172 m
Cargo hold: 4.749 tons
Width: 11,45 m
Engine: 2 x 1.600 pk. Cummins
Draught: 3,20 m
Airdraft: 5,30 m (without load)

The Ger-Jan is equipped with two Cummins QSK 50 engines with a total output of 3,200 horsepower. The Ger-Jan and Amesha are equipped with wheelhouses on columns of 1mtr. x 1mtr. which are hydraulically adjustable to 12.5 mtr., allowing sight over up to five layers of containers. The total container capacity per tow: 336 Teu. 4 layers and 5 layers 420 Teu.