Placing the keel on the MDS Fleur and Fleur II, designated for Bouwman Rivertransport B.V. (Martin Bouwman)

Meetings in Astrakhan on shipwarf III international and Corabel, where the Fleur is being built.

It’s predecessors Amesha and Ger-Jan were also constructed here.
The Fleur was built in a record-breaking short time, the entire coupled combination was completed within four months from placing the keel. This is extraordinary because of the complicated and labour-intensive construction, which is a result of the high-grade steel that was used for the hull. Through using that steel, we were able to successfully lower the total weight of the hull. MDS Fleur and Fleur II has a hull that weighs 15% less than a similar hull. By using high-grade steel, these types of coupled combinations are very economical.

As a result of the design, lightweight and the construction of a wave extender, these ships can transport 10% more goods with lower gas consumption.

Wave extender and coupled combinations: more load capacity and higher speeds with less waves.
The completion has started in June 2009 at ‘De Groot Sheepstechniek’ in Moerdijk.

The delivery of the coupled combination Fleur will be at the end of November 2009.